ten Tips on How to Do Prague on the Inexpensive

1 ) Stay in a Hostel. Youth hostels in Prague provide cheap, friendly, and exceptionally comfortable accommodation for your incoming backpacker. The days of sterile and scary budget accommodation are over: for example , Sir Toby’s Hostel is a hostel Prague can be proud of, featuring excellent décor, and an energetic, welcoming social scene.

2 . Cook in your Hostel. Eating out is almost usually a more expensive option than eating in, so why not make the most of your hostel’s kitchen and cook up a storm? There are plenty of supermarkets in Prague where you can pick up good, cheap produce.

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Arrive via a Budget Flight. Prague was one of the initial ‘boom’ cities that exploded on the tourist map thanks to the budget airline trend. Today, cheap flights to Prague continue to be widely available, so it’s always really worth searching around for the best deal before booking.

4. Take Public Transportation from the Airport. Flights to the airport might be cheap, but taxis from the airport terminal to your accommodation are frequently not. Which cheap shuttle bus option, as well as a slightly more expensive Airport Express tour bus that both prove great value when weighed against the taxi fare.

5. Do a DIY Walking Trip. With attractions such as the Charles Link and Wenceslas Square, Prague is really a place you have to see to believe. Secure on your boots, then, and decide to try the streets; there’s simply no better way to experience this spellbinding city than from its pavements.

6. Obtain a Chlebicek from a Delicatesse. A chlebicek is a traditional Czech sandwich that will typically comes filled with a selection of meat, ham, salami and/or vegetables. They may be widely available, cheap, and exceptionally delicious.

7. Start a Night Out by Staying In. Prague’s nightlife is as excellent since it is rambunctious, and most backpackers will want to test it to the max. Bar hopping here can get on the expensive aspect, however , so a good idea is to get a few drinks from the local grocery store and drink them in your hostel before embarking on your night out. Not only is this much more economical, it’s also a great way to meet friends.

8. Carry Your Student Card. Ok, so this one’s only for students, but it’s really worth saying all the same. A high number of ethnic establishments in Prague reward students cardholder with discounted prices. In fact , really worth carrying one even if your own is out of date!

9. Catch the Live Gig on Charles Link. Charles Bridge is packed night and day with artisans and musicians; with regard to only a token donation it’s well worth resting against the side of the link for an hour or two plus enjoying the scene as a nearby violinist, cellist, guitarist, or even a whole band play through their repertoire.

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