UFC 124 Fight Observe: BJJ Artist Dustin Hazelett

Dustin Hazelett is on our list to see in the UFC. “Many thanks to his knockout means” you request? Nope – he is really kind of lanky. “Thanks to his file?” Destructive – Dustin’s 12-6 (five-four UFC record). “On account of his excellent latest beard?” Possibly. Besides the beard… I like Dustin Hazelett simply because of his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is a recap of Dustin as a fighter, and why I am on the lookout ahead to witness his BJJ exhibit for the duration of UFC 124.

So who is this Dustin Hazelett dude?

Initial of all, and most likely most significantly, there is Dustin’s aforesaid beard. It is reminiscent of a frenchman, and I am absolutely sure it grants him some type of an edge in the fight. Maybe not.

A BJJ Black Belt, Dustin Hazelett is in the UFC’s Welterweight division. His UFC file is an standard 5-4. To be honest, it need to be noted that he’s fought with some severe injuries and a single of those loses arrived by way of Josh Koscheck, who occurs to be headlining the very same UFC 124 card. Hazelett finished 4 of all those five victories by submission.
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9 of his general 12 MMA wins are by submission, so there’s no guessing when it comes to Dustin’s battle method. He’s a submission technician, and the whole earth realizes it – primarily Dustin himself – which places him even better on the list of my favorite fighters.

The test of a grappler is to confront a skilled wrestler, or a dude with wonderful stand-up, who is specially defending from takedowns. (Brace by yourself for a clique) “The very best offense is a very good defense”. And quite a few sneaky fighters have gotten by way of three rounds from a grappler – prancing by themselves to a gain you may well say.

Hazelett, who has the title of “Sherdog’s Submission of the Calendar year” with an brilliant armbar versus Josh Burkman, has misplaced his former 2 fights. Hopefully he is that a lot wiser likely in the cage with his UFC 124 canadian opponent, Mark Bocek. Bocek can stand nicely and can grapple far better. I doubt he’ll be leaning on his ground match, having said that.

Previous the octagon, Dustin Hazelett is a respectable man. He’s a marvelous agent of BJJ in MMA. Dustin embodies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he’s featuring it in the Top Preventing Championship’s octagon exactly where the very best fighters in the environment fulfill up.

Due to the fact of Hazelett’s 1st course angle, his raw BJJ talent, and his all all around illustration of BJJ in MMA, we would like him a effective bout on December 11 by way of whichever submission he picks.

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